I’m an All Hallows' Girl c1926

Below are the words to a song which the Boarders used to sing.

How swiftly the days of our childhood are fleeting,
How hidden the future no mind may reveal,
But pause we a moment, ere sounding the pleasures
That school days and duty from sight now conceal.

O dear Alma Mater, may God and our duty
Like beacon light glimmer ‘mid life’s mazy whirl,
And true to the five golden stars shining o‘er us,
May memory recall “I’m an All Hallows’ girl”.

If wealth should allure with its gaudy enticements,
And luxury call to its palace of ease.
O look!  ere the fatal step blindly is taken,
Lest ‘God and our duty’ give place unto these.

Yes, dear Alma Mater, let lessons of duty
Their glorious standard to memory unfurl;
And hail, storm, or sunshine, let glimmer before me
My beacon light clear, ‘I’m an All Hallows’ girl’.