Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

An All Hallows’ education reflects Catherine McAuley’s educational vision for the pursuit of excellence, justice for all and the service of others. This vision challenges our young women to reach their potential, serve the wider community and be aware of the historical importance of the tradition and those who share it. Central to Catherine’s vision is an understanding of education as an instigator of change.

An All Hallows’ graduate is a spiritual woman of faith who is compassionate, self-aware, committed and reflective. She is an active, responsive, collaborative and responsible community member. As an individual she is resilient, informed, confident and articulate. She is a life-long learner who thinks critically, creatively and independently.

The curriculum at All Hallows’ nurtures our students’ intellectual development in an environment that recognises achievements and excellence. The curriculum is designed to be:

  • of a high quality with a commitment to helping students to achieve their academic potential;
  • inclusive, adaptable, flexible, innovative and challenging;
  • delivered using a variety of student-centred approaches to learning;
  • encouraging of life-long learning;
  • preparing students for post-school life;
  • comprehensive, offering students access to a range of programs;
  • consistent with relevant educational authority requirements.