The Student Health and Wellbeing Centre

Student Support Services

There may be times when the young women in our care require additional support in academic or pastoral matters. All students are encouraged to access, or may be referred to, the services of a range of our student support services staff.

Counselling and Support

All Hallows’ has two full time counsellors on site who are available to students and parents who are experiencing difficulties managing stress, friendship issues, family matters or mental health issues. The School Counsellors work closely with the Deputy Principal - Students, Heads of House, Head of Middle School and teachers to provide pastoral programs to enhance the social, emotional and personal skills of students. The Counsellors also provide confidential personal counselling for students and assist with parent education and support in the area of adolescent behaviour.

Meeting with the counsellors is via appointment or in emergency situations as the need arises. The counsellors can work with students and parents to provide strategies and support to deal with issues as they arise or give advice or make referrals to outside providers or agencies should long term support be required.

Families may also wish to consult with their GP about any concerns they may have for their daughter if this is more appropriate for their family. There are also support services available in the wider community and a good starting point is:



Beyond Blue:

Grief and Loss - Parent Easy Guide:

Health Centre

Our student support services team is enhanced by our two registered nurses who operate the Health Centre. Our registered nurses are supported by administration assistants with a current first aid qualification as needed. The Health Centre operates each school day to provide immediate first aid for students or staff. Parents will be contacted if a student is so ill that she cannot return to class and needs to be collected and taken home.