School Theme

Our School Theme for 2019 is 'Journey with Courage & Compassion'.

Aristotle once said: “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. This year’s School Theme will hone our focus on educating the hearts of our girls. Our theme, ‘Journey with Courage & Compassion’, is designed to deepen our students’ understanding of walking the talk. What does it take to find within, the courage to speak out or stand up for right and the compassion to treat others with love and respect? As we embark on the next step of our journey, we share the 2019 Staff Prayer:

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow:
Let our holding to traditions we cherish
Not prevent your plans from unfolding
In the conditions of our day.
Let our memory of what has been
Open us to future possibilities,
And fire the imagination of those who join us
In seeking to transform our world.
May our founding stories
Come to life once more
In the realities of our times.
May Catherine McAuley's original vision
And the spirit of our Mercy pioneers
Inspire us today
Not to do what they did then,
But to be where they would be
If they were here and now,
Standing in our shoes.