School Theme

Our School Theme for 2018 is “Be Peaceful; ACT WITH INTEGRITY.”

This is not a passive invitation but a call to action – a call to demonstrate in all that we do, the values of Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Joy, Service and Justice. Only when we allow ourselves to be open to the application of these values in our everyday lives can we be truly people of peace. Mary Ann Brussat writes that “The root of the Hebrew word for peace ‘shalom’, means whole and points to the twofold meaning: peace within oneself and peace between people.” Peace within oneself calls us to identify what is integral to our selfhood – to know what is core to our being. We are at peace when we acknowledge the whole of who we are. As we embark on the next step of our journey, we share the 2018 Staff Prayer:

Generous and Loving God – source of all that is good.
We give you thanks for our rich and wonderful world.
We thank you for the beauty and joys of our lives.
May our love resemble your love and exist for all people.
As people of peace and integrity,
May our love heal wounds, physical and spiritual.
May our love resist fear, challenge ignorance and embody grace and mercy.
May our love empower forgiveness, acceptance, dialogue, patience and peace.
We pray this with hope in our hearts.

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