Senior Years

The Years 9 and 10 Program is a time of consolidation and growth - building on the groundwork from previous years, with some choice of elective subjects, and preparing for greater independence and decision-making ahead. Students continue to develop their core learning in Religious Education and Life Skills, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. They study two additional elective subjects, for the two-year program, selecting from a broad range of options that draw on the Arts, Languages, Physical Education, and Business and Technology areas.

During this learning stage, students are engaging, with a higher level of academic rigour, in a responsive and challenging curriculum. They learn more about themselves and their peers, through guided investigations and activities that direct their thinking towards future pathways and senior subject choices. They engage in specific futures planning, investigating their strengths, attributes and aspirations, in conjunction with the strategies needed to achieve specific goals. There are a number of school based activities designed to enhance healthy peer relationships, leadership and team building, as well as outside school opportunities, such as work experience placements.

The Years 11 and 12 Program provides students with opportunities for greater independence and responsibility, as they commit themselves to an appropriate studies program that is consistent with their skills, interests and aspirations. Senior students undertake a studies program of 5 or 6 subjects, or the equivalent of this for those who include Vocational Education and Training as part of their program. Students may also include a tutorial class, for self-directed learning time, to support their overall studies program. Our dedicated Head of Careers and Vocational Education assists students and parents with career planning and preparation for post-school transition. Work experience, industry placements, traineeships and other vocational opportunities are also available to enhance our students’ learning programs.

Our senior students are well prepared and are expected to take significant responsibility in their role as leaders of their own learning journey. They are assisted in this regard by the ongoing monitoring and mentoring of the academic and pastoral staff who work with them. Our students are mentored to develop goal setting skills and targeted strategies to achieve their goals and prepare for the transition to life after school. Study skills, time management and planning for careers and tertiary studies pathways continue to be strong features of the students’ growing maturity at this stage. A structured Leadership program prepares and supports students in the development and practice of leadership and communication skills. As senior students of the School, there are many opportunities for both formal and informal leadership roles, through which Year 11 and 12 students continue to grow and serve the School and wider community.