Deputy Principal - Students

At All Hallows’ we understand that commencing a new phase of the educational journey, is an exciting time for both students and parents. We approach this transition period so that students feel welcome to step into their new community and embrace the opportunities on offer. All students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and to learn and work in a safe environment. Our approach fosters positive relationships and promotes high standards of behaviour and personal responsibility. This empowers our girls to take advantage of our diverse offerings, take control of their future and make a positive contribution locally and globally.

We continually renew our pastoral care and learning models and apply the insights gained to support student learning and growth. Our holistic and balanced approach across the curriculum, beyond the classroom and in our community makes an All Hallows’ education a powerful and transformative experience. Single-sex education offers girls the greatest chance to ignore stereotypes, develop strong self-worth and grow in confidence. The All Hallows’ girl graduates ready to take her place in the world, knowing she can make a difference, and aware she is capable of leading. Once an All Hallows' girl, always an All Hallows' girl.