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We are delighted you are considering All Hallows' School as the school for your daughter. 

We accept applications for enrolment from when your daughter begins Prep. To find out more about our Enrolment Timelines please click here.

It is our expectation that parents support the School's Mission and Values. While many of our students belong to the Catholic faith, we value diversity and embrace all faith traditions. 

Our main entry years are Year 5 and Year 7, and parents and legal guardians may apply for entry into these years by completing our online Application for Enrolment form via the link below.

It is All Hallows’ School policy to communicate with both legal parents. Unless there is documentation in place such as a consent agreement or court order, please include both legal parent’s/guardian’s details in the Application for Enrolment form.

Year of Entry Calculator

Please enter the date your child was born

*Applications are accepted from when your child is in prep.

Year 5 & Year 7 Applications

Step 1 - Prep to Year 3 – Applications Open (Part A)
Step 2 - Request for additional information (Part B)
Step 3  - Year 4 - Offer of enrolment
Step 4 - Confirmation of Enrolment Fee
Step 5 - Commencement Fee
Step 6 - Attend Orientation Afternoon

Step 1 - Prep to Year 3 – Applications Open (Part A)

Applications for Year 5 and Year 7 are accepted from when your daughter commences Prep until she reaches Year 3.

If you are applying for enrolment for more than one daughter, a separate application is required for each student.

A non-refundable fee of $200.00 will be charged per application. Payment can be made online via credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

 Students must hold permanent residency status prior to applying for a position at All Hallows’ School.

Online application form

Step 2 - Request for additional information (Part B)

Once Part A has been submitted, the school will contact you via email in Year 3 Term 3 to request additional information which includes Semester 1 Academic report and NAPLAN results.

At this time, we also request information regarding close connections to All Hallows’ School or the Sisters of Mercy. 

Failure to respond to the request for this additional information, or submission of incomplete documentation by the due date, may result in the School not being able to offer a place or cancellation of the Application for enrolment. 

Step 3  - Year 4 - Offer of enrolment

Applications close last week in January each year. Refer Enrolment Timeline for closing date.

Offer of enrolment is made in writing in Term 1 when applicants are in Year 4. Where the School is not able to offer a place to a Year 5 applicant, applicants will automatically be considered for a Year 7 position.

Step 4 - Confirmation of Enrolment Fee

To signify the acceptance of the School’s offer of a place, parents/guardians must complete the All Hallows’ School Confirmation of Enrolment Form (Enrolment Contract) and pay the non-refundable Confirmation of Enrolment fee ($1000) by the due date. The funds are used to support the work of the All Hallows’ Foundation in support of the Catherine McAuley Bursary Fund, to provide assistance to students who would not otherwise have the benefit of an All Hallows’ education and in support of the Foundation’s Building Fund, to support the ongoing development of outstanding spaces for students to learn and develop across our historic campus. This non-refundable fee is charged by the School as part of the enrolment process and is not tax deductible.

Where the School is not able to offer a place in Year 7, the parents/guardians will be informed in writing at the same time offers are made. All unsuccessful applicants will be invited to be placed on our waitlist.

Step 5 - Commencement Fee

In Term 2 of the year prior to commencement, a $1,000 Commencement Fee is due and payable.  The Commencement Fee is a non-refundable payment that will be deducted from your family’s Term 1 account.  This fee is not transferrable to another sibling and confirms a student’s enrolment for the year ahead. 

Additionally, for students with a sibling as a current enrolled student, the family’s School fee account is to be current without an outstanding balance.  For all Offers of Enrolment, a demonstrated capacity to meet the School’s Fee obligation must be evident. 

Step 6 - Attend Orientation Afternoon

All new students are warmly invited to attend our Orientation Afternoon in October of the year before they commence. Information about Orientation Afternoon is communicated to parents/guardians mid-year before the commencement year. 

Years 8 to 11 Applications 

Places in Years 8 to 11 become available from time to time and are subject to availability and offered at the discretion of the Principal. 

The School encourages families interested in enrolling their daughter in these year levels to contact the Enrolments Office on +61 7 3230 9586. Please click below to complete an Expression of Interest for these year levels.

School Fees

Please click the button below to view our School Fees document.

Bursary Applications

Our Catherine McAuley Bursary Fund continues the legacy of Catherine McAuley by providing financial assistance to families to enable young women who would not otherwise be able to attend All Hallows’ School due to financial hardship and social disadvantage. 

To apply for our Catherine McAuley Bursary Fund please complete the Application for Enrolment Form and the Catherine McAuley Bursary Fund Application form.

Please contact our Enrolments Team if you require further assistance at

Notices and Policies

Enrolment Collection Notice
Enrolment Policies

Enrolment Collection Notice

Information we collect
All Hallows’ School collects and records personal information from students and parents/guardians before and during the course of a student’s enrolment at our school.

Purpose of collection
The primary purpose of collecting and recording this information is to enable the provision of a quality Catholic education. In addition, some of the information we collect and record is to satisfy the School’s legal obligations, particularly to enable the School to discharge its duty of care to students and parents/guardians.

Disclosure of information
This information may be disclosed by us for administrative and educational purposes to others including, but not limited to, people providing services to schools, such as specialist visiting teachers, consultants and medical practitioners.

Our privacy position
All Hallows’ School is bound by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, and has adopted the ten (10) National Privacy Principles. A privacy statement detailing our practices and procedures for the use and management of the personal information we collect and record can be accessed on this website. Alternatively a printed copy of the statement may be provided on request.

Information required
If we do not obtain the personal information referred to above, we may not be able to enrol or continue to enrol your daughter. By completing and submitting the school enrolment form you have confirmed your understanding of, and agreement with, the above.

Click here to read the full AHS Enrolment - Personal Information Collection Notice

Click here to view all School Policies.

Enrolment Policies

There are two important Policies pertaining to the enrolment of students at All Hallows' School:

  1. Policy on Enrolment
  2. Policy on Fees
  3. Enrolment Application and Support Process

Click here to view All School Polices