School Governance

All Hallows' School is a company limited by guarantee. The Member of the Company is Mercy Partners who have delegated certain governance responsibilities to the School Board. The Directors of the School Board are appointed by the Member. The Member and Directors have delegated the day to day running of the School to the Principal.

School Board

The All Hallows' School Board is an expression of the desire of Mercy Partners to implement the principles of collegiality, subsidiarity, and shared responsibility in the governance of All Hallows' School. The Board of Directors has delegated authority from the Member in specified aspects of the following areas:

  • Mission and ethos
  • Planning and development
  • Finance
  • Governance and policy
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Property.

The Board has developed policies in a number of areas including enrolment, school fees, fundraising, pastoral care, curriculum, privacy, student protection, technology and assessment. All policies are subject to regular review.

Senior Leadership Team

Responsibility for all aspects of the School's educational task is ultimately in the hands of the Principal. In particular, she is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of the Catholic ethos of the School
  • The overall educational program of the School
  • Development of community among staff, students and parents
  • Appointment of staff and staff development
  • Enrolment of students
  • Communication within and outside the School community.

The Principal is assisted in overall administration of the School by the Senior Leadership Team; an experienced and dedicated group of professionals whose aim is to see our students grow and flourish into responsible, well-educated and resilient young women.

Middle Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team are supported by a committed, skilled and passionate group of education and business professionals who share the responsibility for leading innovative practice in the spiritual, pastoral, academic and business aspects of the School. Our Middle Leadership Team includes:

  • Heads of Department who are responsible for curriculum development, assessment and teaching within their subject area(s) and work with subject teachers in all curriculum matters and in monitoring the academic progress of each student;
  • Heads of House and Heads of Years who are responsible for the pastoral care of students, including monitoring academic performance, and for the organisation of social or other activities pertaining to their House or year levels. They work closely with Home Group and class teachers to facilitate the overall personal and academic development of students;
  • The Head of Teaching, Learning and Professional Practice and our Head of Digital Pedagogy who support pedagogy, engagement and teaching practice;
  • Our Middle Leaders in business support management roles including Information Technology, Communications, Human Resources, Finance and Facilities Management, who work collaboratively with all members of our community to achieve best practice.