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The life of an All Hallows’ student is multi-dimensional and our students come together in a community in which wellbeing, positive relationships, connections and resilience are nurtured. 

Our vertical House system invites each student to be part of a person centred and inclusive community.  Our commitment to ensuring success for all of our students is through a holistic education and is supported by the delivery of an explicit wellbeing curriculum led by our Heads of House, that is mapped to our students’ needs. Our “Fit 4 Life” program focusses on building social and emotional skills with an emphasis on how this relates to being a learner and a good citizen.

We also place a high priority on academic care, encouraging positive relationships and opportunities for meaningful participation and contribution that foster, develop and nurture student learning. An All Hallows’ girl is encouraged to be a self-leader and a supporter of every All Hallows’ girl. Your daughter will feel welcomed and valued, allowing her to be the best she can be.

“Our actions should always be guided by love and compassion”
Catherine McAuley

Wellbeing is inextricably linked to successful learning, personal achievement, social competence and emotional resilience. Schools play a key role in the promotion of positive mental health within the wider community.

Students who are positive, resilient, hopeful, aware of the contribution they can make in the world and successful in creating meaningful relationships, are best placed to achieve positive learning outcomes, to be the best version of themselves and be fit for life.

Student Wellbeing

Positive Behaviours
Health and Wellness
Wheel of Wellbeing
Health Centre

Positive Behaviours

All Hallows’ School is a Restorative School.  We agree on a set of values in how we work, learn and engage with each other. These values are grounded in the Gospel values of love and the dignity of the human person and Catherine McAuley’s lived example of compassion and respect. Our approach to Restorative Practice strengthens relationships amongst individuals and within communities.

Catherine McAuley wrote, “We strive to witness to mercy when we reverence the dignity of each person” and as a school in the Mercy tradition, we create spaces of peace and welcome in which each person may grow into their full potential as one cherished by God. 

Just as Catherine’s connections with others were always based on mutual relationships, so to do we strive to create a place of loving kindness extended to all and where all are valued. 

The attributes, skills and circumstances that facilitate personal achievement enable our students to flourish.   

At All Hallows’, student wellbeing is at the very heart of our School. Our positive, empathetic and strength-based approach to student care underpins all that we do.  We know that wellbeing is intimately linked to personal achievement, social competence, emotional resilience and successful learning.  And, we know that successful learning looks different for every student.  Wellbeing and academic achievement go hand in hand.   It is our goal to ensure that each All Hallows’ School student is supported, encouraged and challenged to achieve their success.  We all want to see all of our students’ stride into their future with confidence.

Policies that Support the Care of our Students

All Hallows’ School is deeply committed to nurturing and caring for our students and community. Our School upholds the highest standards of professional practice, with student wellbeing at the core of our mission, ethos and values.

We strive to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for students, staff and parents within our school community. Our strict policies and protocols offer a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for students.

View our Pastoral Care and Wellbeing Policy

View our Anti-Bullying Policy

View our Student Protection Policy

Health and Wellness

All Hallows’ School offers a strength-based, solution-focused counselling service, with support offered to families in accessing community based services if more ongoing support is required.  Providing proactive and responsive approaches to health and wellness, our counselling team work closely with our Pastoral and Academic Care teams to offer holistic supports for our students. The Health and Wellness team consists of the Head of Health and Wellness, 3 School Counsellors and 2 School Nurses.  Our School Counsellors play a role in proactive work in the community by contributing their professional expertise in the development of wellbeing initiatives and being engaged in direct teaching to students on a variety of health and wellbeing topics.


Wheel of Wellbeing

The School’s Wheel of Wellbeing is a three-tiered circular model that can be rotated to explore the scientific ‘Ways to Wellbeing’ that lead to a flourishing life. This tactile approach is an investment in developing our community’s understanding of our whole school strategic approach to building individual and collective wellbeing.



The Inner Layer:

At our core, we are spiritual beings. Spiritual wellbeing is reflected in the relationships we have with God, oneself, others and the environment. Spiritual wellbeing acts as a springboard for other dimensions of wellbeing.

The Middle Layer:

Wellbeing is multidimensional. Our framework builds and supports wellbeing in our community through interventions that target emotional, social, intellectual and physical pathways to wellbeing.

The Outer Layer:

These represent “Ways to Wellbeing”; the attributes, skills and circumstances that facilitate personal achievement, social competence and emotional resilience.

Health Centre

Students are able to present at the Health Centre throughout the school day to see a School Nurse. Our School Nurses provide primary health care service to students that includes first aid, health promotion, referral and general health management. They are also instrumental in the documenting and monitoring of health plans for students.

Through the collaborative efforts of the School's Health Centre and Counselling Team, the Centre delivers personalised care and support tailored to the specific needs of each student. It acts as a trusted source of guidance, offering timely interventions, counselling services and health-related resources.