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Annual Report

The Queensland State Government requires all schools (state and independent) to report to their school communities. The information in this document is in the format required by the Government, and is a retrospective view published in June the following calendar year.

Please note that the information in this report was current at the time of publication and subject offerings have been revised since. For the latest subject offerings, we invite you to view our digital Prospectus.


Strategic Plan

Please click here to read the All Hallows' School Strategic Plan, 2023-2025.

School Community Code of Conduct

The School Community Code of Conduct outlines the type of behaviours we expect all community members to follow. This Code of Conduct assists in promoting the actions and behaviours that are in keeping with the School’s purpose and values to ensure that all interactions with students, community members and staff are respectful, honest, courteous, sensitive, tactful and considerate.


School Policy Documents

Policy forms an essential component of our organisational governance and is particularly important for a large community such as All Hallows’ School. Our policies are influenced by our Mission, Vision and Values.