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Engaging Students in Mercy Action

At All Hallows’ School, we are committed to embodying the Mercy values through active student participation in three distinct avenues.

1. Outreach: Connecting through Service

Inspired by the legacy of the "walking nuns" in Dublin, our school encourages students to step beyond traditional boundaries through various outreach experiences. Volunteer students, alongside supervising staff members, engage in meaningful interactions with individuals facing disability and social disadvantages. Following the compassionate footsteps of Jesus and Catherine McAuley, our outreach program includes initiatives like Eddie's Van Breakfast Outreach, Peer to Peer Tutoring, and Immersions in places like Cambodia and Central Australia.

2. Awareness Raising: Fostering Social Consciousness

To sensitise our students to the realities faced by others, we delve into issues of injustice, poverty, and oppression. Weekly meetings, led by dedicated teachers, provide a platform for students to plan activities addressing social justice concerns. From signing petitions to interactive awareness-raising events, students actively participate in groups like Human Rights, Eco-Justice, and Kitty's Room, aligning with Catholic Social Justice principles.

3. Appeals Response: Generosity in Action

Encouraging a spirit of Mercy, we invite students and families to generously contribute to appeals for specific needs. Our appeals response program, including the Annual Whole School Project and initiatives like the Winter Appeal, emphasizes making connections to the impact of their contributions. Students gain insights into social disadvantage, model positive actions, and appreciate their own circumstances through tangible responses such as Kitty's Room packs for those transitioning from homelessness.

Whole School Project: Empowering Change

Each year, the All Hallows’ School Community rallies around a transformative project. The 2023 Whole School Project, "Changing Lanes," focuses on a Mercy Works initiative in Cebu Province, Philippines, combating human trafficking. Here, students play a crucial role in fundraising efforts, engaging with the project’s key components—building alliances, capacity, advocacy, mental health support, life skills training, and research. Aligning with Catherine McAuley's vision, the project embodies the school’s commitment to creating a more just and equitable society.

By actively participating in Outreach, Awareness Raising, and Appeals Response, All Hallows’ students become ambassadors of Mercy, embodying the values of compassion, justice, and positive change.