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At All Hallows’ we know that wellbeing and successful learning are inextricably linked and when teachers give purposeful attention to the promotion and development in students of self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking, reflection and empowerment, learning and wellbeing are enhanced.   

Students who are positive, resilient, hopeful, aware of the contribution they can make in the world and successful in creating meaningful relationships, are best placed to achieve positive learning outcomes, to be the best version of themselves.

Students are supported through their educational journey by our team of expert staff. 

Head of Primary

The Head of Primary leads the academic care, pastoral care, and teaching and learning, as well as the establishment and maintenance of cohort identity and culture across Years 5 & 6.

The Head of Primary ensures that the teaching, learning and curriculum are reflective of best practice research and that the learning needs of students at this particular stage of development are met. They also provide support and a point of escalation for pastoral care matters. The Head of Years 5 & 6 oversees the cohort events that help to shape the culture and identity of Years 5 & 6 and oversees the performance tracking and academic mentoring of students. 

Heads of Year

The Heads of Year support and develop year-level cohorts, groups and individuals through an approach to scholarship and schooling that attends to wellbeing and the realisation of academic potential. Central to their role is a love of learning and the expertise to help students navigate the challenges and rewards of study both in and out of the classroom. They monitor the academic progress of students and work with students, teachers, parents and caregivers to overcome barriers to student engagement in learning and assessment. Heads of Year also nurture and help to develop year-level culture and identity.