Service - Mercy in Action

All Hallows’ strives to be faithful to the Mercy Mission by responding in three key ways:


The founding Sisters of Mercy in Dublin were known as the “walking nuns” as they were without the usual strict convent enclosures. The Sisters inspired local girls to see and meet local needs and it is in this tradition that the School offers a variety of outreach experiences. These personal interactions encourage the students to meet people with disability and social disadvantage in genuine exchanges of friendliness, kindness and joy. Volunteer students meet before or after school with a supervising staff member for this service. Our students are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Catherine McAuley to explore practical ways to express God’s mercy. Our outreach program includes the following experiences:

  • Micah Community Meal
  • Eddie's Van Breakfast Outreach
  • Jimmie's Van Breakfast Service
  • Villa Maria Visitation to the Elderly
  • Ecumenical Coffee Brigade
  • Student Tutoring
  • Immersions including Cambodia, Indigenous Community Visit and Cape York.

Awareness Raising

In order to become sensitive to the reality that what many of our students would experience as ordinary is in fact extraordinary for many others, issues of injustice, poverty and oppression are explored. School Assembly presentations provide a forum for students to become informed about a variety of social justice issues that impact on local, national and global communities. Interested students meet each week with a supervising teacher during lunchtime to plan school activities to inform and gain wider student attention about targeted issues. Activities model Catholic Social Justice principles and involve students in such activities as signing petitions, letter writing, poster making, listening to guest speakers and interactive awareness raising activities. Our awareness raising program includes the following opportunities:

  • Human Rights Group
  • Eco-Justice Group
  • Kitty's Room
  • Jane’s Team.

Appeals Response

Students and families are encouraged to give generously in the spirit of Mercy to a variety of appeals for specific need areas and requests. Emphasis is given to helping students make connections and links to where funds/goods are destined so that greater insight into social disadvantage is gained, positive actions of hope are modelled and a greater appreciation of their own circumstances is fostered. Our appeals response program focuses on:

  • Annual Whole School Project – a focused appeal for a specific need area with the aim of providing significant funds to have a major transformative impact;
  • Appeals such as the Winter Appeal, Easter Egg Appeal, Christmas Hamper Appeal and specific responses for a variety of need items both in Australia and overseas;
  • Kitty's Room - packs are prepared for people moving from homelessness into accommodation in collaboration with Micah Projects. Donated new goods and money are used to obtain the items needed for the packs.