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Commitment on the part of parents to the religious and faith education of their daughters is necessary for enrolment. All students take part in Religious Education classes and liturgical and non-liturgical prayer.

The majority of students profess the Catholic religion, and learning experiences are meant to facilitate their understanding of, and commitment to, their own tradition. Catholicism is studied within the wider context of religious experience and an increasingly diverse society.

As a Catholic school, All Hallows’ views the study of religion as a way of providing a vision of reality that is enriched by the interaction of both a religious and an educational standpoint, thus contributing to the total development of the human person who understands and values authentic relationships, wisdom and spirituality.

While the Religious Education program is taught by teachers with expertise in that teaching and learning area, contributions to the religious life of the School are seen to be the responsibility of all, and an integral part of our formal and informal curriculum.

Liturgical and Spiritual Life

Liturgies, including the Eucharist, are celebrated regularly in the beautiful and sacred space of the Convent Chapel or the Sophia Centre and these are prepared by Religious Education classes, Houses and other School groups. These celebrations are attended voluntarily and involve students, staff, parents/caregivers and grandparents. In addition, there are special liturgical celebrations for our annual Inaugural Mass, All Hallows’ Mercy Day, Year 12 Leadership Commissioning and Year 12 Graduation.

Each School day begins with prayer and assemblies commence with prayer prepared by various classes. All students participate in Retreats in which they are encouraged to reflect, pray and discuss issues related to their personal spiritual journey and their ability to contribute in a positive way to their family and wider community.

All Hallows’ School values reflective and meditative experiences for our students, and these are incorporated into our daily rituals.

Let us be as shining lamps, giving light to all around us.
Catherine McAuley