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Across a breadth of subject areas, All Hallows' students continue to achieve outstanding academic results. We are regarded as one of the best private girls schools in Brisbane, reflecting the diligence applied by these young women throughout their years at All Hallows'. 

An important partnership exists with parents and caregivers to create a solid platform from which our seniors can dedicate themselves to bringing forth their best, both academically and personally. The passion and professionalism of our outstanding teaching and support staff help them to rise to their potential. We are very proud to celebrate the well-deserved achievements of our past Year 12 cohorts. Students set and achieved their own learning goals across a wide range of programs and subject combinations culminating in their graduation and attainment of a Queensland Certificate of Education or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement. (Note: updated to make the first paragraph more general.)

Year 12 2023

We offer congratulations to our ATAR eligible students on their achievements this year. 97.4% of the class of 2023 were ATAR eligible and collectively our graduates achieved a median ATAR of 93.25. As is the case with all Queensland schools, our presentation of ATAR data is limited to results for those students who nominate, through QTAC, to make their ATAR score available for school access. The breakdown of results presented on this page is based on the 220 (94.02%) ATAR eligible students who have shared their ATAR data with the school. These outstanding results represent the collective efforts of our 2023 graduates. This year’s cohort demonstrated great tenacity and commitment in their approaches to study and these excellent results are a just reward for their commitment and effort.

In 2023, we celebrate the 50 students who graduated having attained one or more qualifications from Vocational Education and Training whilst completing their school-based senior subjects. Our 2023 graduates have achieved qualifications which range from Certificate II through to Diploma level. In total, our 2023 cohort achieved 11 Certificate II, 11 Certificate III, 1 Certificate IV and 27 Diploma qualifications.