School Captains' Message

Hannah Szylkarski and Lucy McMillan


2022 marks many things: the beginning of our 'new normal' in a post-Covid world, the much-awaited revival of Taylor Swift's '22', and 161 years of All Hallows community.

Our spirit theme is 2022gether, which, considering the disrupted start to this year, is slightly ironic. However, even whilst being physically apart, the concept of unity, support, and 'togetherness' present at AHS remains strong. Every single member of our school brings their own unique traits and abilities, which collectively form the beautiful community we know.

This year, we want to continue building a community where everyone feels celebrated and supported for who they are, judgment-free. Ultimately, we cannot honour 2022gether if every single person is not involved - whether that be by cheering on sporting games, attending ensemble showcases, speaking up and letting your voice be heard, or simply stepping outside your immediate circle and forming bonds with members of the wider school.

Diversity is a strength which binds our community together, and we want to celebrate this by ensuring everyone feels at home at AHS.

Our hope for this year is that every AHS student stays true to themselves, so much so that they can look back on their year and be proud of who they were, what they did and the AHS community they have helped shape.