Parents & Friends Association

The Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is the parent representative body of the School and has enjoyed enthusiastic parental participation since its inception. The objectives of the P&F are consistent with the School mission and philosophy. In particular, the P&F aims to support the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of All Hallows' School students by:

  • Fostering a distinctively Catholic environment within the School community consistent with the ethos of the Sisters of Mercy;
  • Developing maximum co-operation between parents, caregivers and School staff;
  • Providing a medium for information and participation of parents and caregivers in the School community;
  • Identifying services and talents within the School community and making them available to school-related spiritual, educational, social and fund raising activities;
  • Giving public expression when the occasion arises on matters affecting Catholic education;
  • Raising funds for the purposes of the School;
  • Providing a medium for the promotion of a spirit of community and mutual support within All Hallows' School;
  • Fostering parent-student-teacher understanding and communication.

The Parents & Friends Association provides a valuable forum for parents and caregivers to discuss the issues impacting their daughters' education. The P&F also endeavours to promote a sense of community by continuing to support the Mothers’ Network and Parent Support Groups by shared fund raising activities and by inviting these groups to report to each General Meeting. A general meeting is held once each term and our Annual General Meeting is held in October.

Upcoming events

Parents and caregivers can RSVP, register or find out more information for the events listed by clicking here (parent login required).

Tuesday 10 May 2022 P&F Meeting
Saturday 16 July 2022 Cool Blue
Tuesday 2 August 2022 P&F Meeting
Friday 9 September 2022Father Daughter Dinner
Saturday 24 September 2022 Riverfire
Tuesday 11 October 2022 P&F Meeting & AGM
Sunday 16 October 2022 Volunteer Tunes on the Terrace