School Fees

New Students

Application Fee (Non-refundable)$110
Confirmation Fee (Non-refundable). This fee is payable to confirm and accept an offer of enrolment.$750
Commencement Fee (Non-refundable). This fee is payable in the year before the student commences and will be deducted from the first term Tuition Fees.$1,000

School Fees 2017

Domestic students onlyPer Year
Year 5 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$10,480
Year 6 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$11,080
Year 7 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$10,500
Year 8 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$10,250
Year 9 and 10 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$10,030
Year 11 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$10,450
Year 12 Tuition Fees (inclusive of camps and technology levy)$11,305
Maintenance Levy per Family$570
  1. The School fees are set by the School Board after consultation with the Finance Committee, Principal and Business Manager, and are notified to parents before the end of the preceding school year.
  2. School fees are charged each term for each student. If there are two or more students of one family attending the School concurrently, a discount of 10% of tuition fees is granted to the second and subsequent student(s).
  3. There may be additional charges made for the year if the student chooses to study subjects such as Art, Home Economics or Fashion for which the materials/consumables are costly.
  4. Private lessons are available in Music, Speech and Drama. These are charged in addition to the School fees each term.
  5. Participation in some of the extra-curricular activities also attracts an annual fee. These fees vary depending upon the activity, with registration and payment completed per activity via the School’s electronic payment system.
  6. The School operates a Text Book Hire Scheme which provides all textbooks required by students. The State Government Textbook allowance for parents is paid directly to the School.
  7. Further information on school fees for international students is available on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) website under CRICOS Provider Code 03295M.

Cancellation of Enrolment By Parent/Guardian

Where a parent/guardian of a student intends to cancel the student's enrolment, the School requires at least one term's notice of the cancellation. Where the parent/guardian fails to give at least one term's notice, the School reserves the right to invoice the parent/guardian for one term's fees and/or levies in lieu of notice.