Learning Support and Enrichment

All Hallows’ is committed to individualising learning in ways that appropriately support, extend and challenge each learner. This commitment is reflected in the day to day life of the School and is augmented by the provision of practical support for students with identified specific learning needs. These students receive specialised assistance through the staff of the Learning Support and Enrichment Department, working in collaboration with parents and the pastoral and academic teams of the School.

Learning Support Program

Students with special needs are identified using information from a range of sources, including specialist reports, test results, observation and anecdotal data. These students may be experiencing various circumstances that impact on learning, such as academic, social/emotional or physical difficulties, or they may be identified as having English as a second or additional language.

Our Learning Support Teachers work with subject teachers to support student self-help strategies, assist with the planning and modification of units of work and monitor student progress. Our Learning Support Teachers liaise with parents, counsellors and external specialists to ensure that a student’s ongoing needs are being met. Teacher Aides work collaboratively with classroom teachers to enhance individualised and small group learning support in classroom lessons, as well as in withdrawal learning programs, as needed. Support programs, for student in Years 7 to 10, include programs such as English and Mathematics Support classes and Skills for Learning classes. Skills for Learning is a subject offered to students who require additional numeracy and/or literacy support based on the requirements of the Australian curriculum. The course also covers organisational skills, study skills, exam preparation skills and assignment support. Our model of support is designed to allow students to move in and out of these programs in accordance with their current development and learning needs.

English as an Additional Language Program

Students who experience difficulties due to having English as a second or additional language have access to the specialised support of a qualified EAL Teacher. This support is provided through timetabled rotations in small group learning sessions. It includes developing literacy skills in the areas of vocabulary, grammar and the structure of writing for different purposes. The focus is on developing each student’s ability to write and edit their own work effectively.

Student Enrichment Program

Students with specific academic gifts, talents and interests may benefit from enrichment opportunities to fulfil their potential and broaden their learning experiences. These students may be identified through test performance, parent information, teacher observation and student responses to opportunities as they arise. Curriculum options for students include extension classes in Mathematics, English, Mathematics acceleration programs and concurrent enrolment in university subjects in the senior years.

Other strategies used to provide learning enrichment within the curriculum include an emphasis on higher order thinking skills (based on Blooms taxonomy of analysis, synthesis, evaluation and creation). This approach is reinforced by the use of open-ended assignment tasks where there is not a single “right” answer or way of responding. Students are able to respond in diverse ways, while being encouraged to engage in creative and original thinking that goes beyond the routine. A variety of enrichment activities and competitions are also made available to challenge our students. These include Cluster Days and Days of Excellence, Future Problem Solving, Tournament of Minds, NASA Space Design competition, Maths Challenge, language speaking and other subject related competitions.