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Hi Everyone!

We are the 2024 School Captains and would like to welcome you to All Hallows’! We are often asked what it’s like to go to this school. The answer always includes a special aspect of our school: the AHS Spirit!

From our Year 5s through to Year 12s, everyone contributes to the spirit of AHS, which is what makes it so special. We have such a range of opportunities provided for us at school, so we want to maintain the culture of ‘giving everything a go’ and making the most of it all. To get involved and feel comfortable requires a supportive and inclusive environment- something highly valued at All Hallows’ that we hope to build on. 

While you make friends with the other girls in your grade, AHS also makes it easy to get to know people in other grades because of our Home Groups. This means you are with students from Year 7 to Year 12 in the mornings, and they are there to help and support you!

A great option to get to know the school better is school tours, where you can come and experience a taste of life at All Hallows’.

We hope to see you soon!

Cristina and Bridget