Our Mission, Vision and Values


All Hallows’ School is a Catholic girls’ school within the educational and spiritual tradition of the Sisters of Mercy. Our inspirations are Jesus Christ, Gospel values and the life and faith of Catherine McAuley. Our community works to nurture and challenge our students within a dynamic and holistic learning environment. We educate young women in readiness to embrace their future with confidence and self-knowledge so as to live Gospel values.


To inspire young women to a life of faith, compassion, learning and leadership in the spirit of Mercy.


We seek to intentionally form young women whose words and actions embody these values.


Christianity holds sacred the dignity of each individual as made in the image of God. We want each girl to respect herself and others, our School and all of God’s creation.


Integrity honours the dignity of the person made in God’s image who engages in authentic relationships. It is our hope that our young women act with courage and honesty as they make principled decisions.


Our School motto Dieu et Devoir (God and Duty), represents the spirit that is given life by our school community. An All Hallows’ girl acts with discernment and responsibility, leading change, rejecting injustice and making a difference.


Jesus lived the compassion of God in his love for all, particularly those on the margins. We hope our young women will feel the suffering of others and respond with generosity, kindness and open hearts.


Catherine McAuley found joy in the presence of young people, strengthening their faith, hope and love, and nurturing their awareness of the true sources of joy. We want our young women to walk paths of joy and kindness, in the knowledge that true happiness is found in the service of others.


Catholic social teachings make explicit the guiding principles necessary for a just society. We want each girl to live according to these principles, to sanction actions that extend beyond the charitable response and to work to challenge societal structures that perpetuate injustice.