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Congratulations to All Hallows’ teacher, Mr Grant Power, on his entry into the 2024 Mercy Integral Ecology Fellowship Program.

Inspired by Laudato Si’ and ancient Indigenous wisdom, the program empowers emerging leaders. It equips them to face the climate crisis and other related existential threats.

The Program, which is sponsored by the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) in association with Catholic Religious Australia and Catholic Earthcare, has five components that Fellows need to complete. 

These include experiences to engage and encounter sites of regeneration, healing and active hope and learning, in the form of webinars, reading and online participation. Under the guidance of a mentor, the Fellows will also reflect on the program and develop a personal project. 

With a passion and rapport with the natural environment, Grant is eager to develop his understanding and practical experiences in integral ecology.

“I have a strong appreciation of the natural environment and have embraced it spiritually, there are environmental challenges ahead. I want to be better prepared to respond to these, and help my students be effective in creating positive change,” Grant explained. 

“I am looking to all the components of the Fellowship, in particular getting involved in bio-regional community work on regeneration, improving access to organic food and improving waterways.”

The final component of the Fellowship requires members to undertake a personal project that educates, moves, informs and / or provides specific actions for justice in relation to an issue. 

“As a Religion teacher at All Hallows’ I have had the luxury of designing programs and teaching classes that explore the nexus between religion and the environment. I look forward to exploring other opportunities as part of my Fellowship.”