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All Hallows' School is excited to announce significant progress on the construction of our new Years 5 & 6 play area, affectionately known as Gerties. The construction team has capitalised on the favourable weather, advancing multiple foundational projects over the past few weeks. The project reached a milestone recently with the successful pouring of several key structural elements, including the footings for a new accessible ramp and staircase, as well as the base for a pergola structure. Additionally, essential services such as hydraulic and electrical have been roughed in to prepare for future connections to the pergola.

Twelve pallets of concrete blocks have been delivered, which will be used to build the retaining walls for the ramp. These walls are critical as they will not only support the ramp but also serve as anchors for the rope play elements that will be part of the play area. 

We will temporarily be removing the Orange Trumpet vine overhanging the Ann St wall and the existing internal fence. This work is in preparation for installing a new internal fence. The Orange Trumpet vine, a cherished feature that blooms spectacularly and connects All Hallows' School with the Ann St wall and the Valley view, will be carefully managed to ensure its return after the construction. The community eagerly anticipates the completion of these works, which will enhance the play area while preserving the school's beloved natural elements.