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In2Generations in collaboration with Inclusee and LiveBetter Community Services.

We are delighted to announce our Inclusee / In2Generationbs Mercy Action Program will be extended for another 10 weeks! 

In2Generations aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness in Older Australians, foster compassion and learning between generations, reduce ageism and improve communication skills for school-aged children.

This wonderful program brings together our Year 6 students and older generations, allowing them to connect weekly to share their stories and experiences.  These interactions create connections and help to reduce loneliness and social isolation for older Australians.

According to Inclusee Engagement Manager, Tatia Power “Intergenerational Programs provide learning opportunities for both younger and older participants as they share details of their drastically different experiences in life”.

“Studies have shown that cross-generational friendships build empathy, reduce stereotyping and improve people’s sense of purpose”.

In the words of program participant Betty Humphries, “I think for any older person who hasn’t got people around them, this program is just fantastic. We look forward to doing it every week”.

Y6 AHSister Ruby normally stays busy learning gymnastics, practising the piano and enjoying her arts and crafts, has set herself a new goal: “I hope to make at least one person feel less isolated and lonely by talking with them every Tuesday”.

To learn more about the AHS Mercy Action Program visit: Course: Mercy Action (

To learn more about Inclusee visit: Inclusee - The community that connects you to experiences you enjoy.