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The Potter Library offers an extensive range of resources to support students' learning as well as an extensive number of programs for students outside of class time. 

Library Making Programs

The library provides creative programs at no charge to students. 

Makerspace is mainly a drop-in program operating before school and at lunchtime. CRE8 Lab runs Tuesday to Thursday at lunchtime in the Technology Workshop located beneath the library. Sign-up sheets for activities can be found on the Level 1 Library counter.

Makerspace – the place to grow! 

Our Makerspace program offers a safe and creative space for junior students to hang out, get to know others, and create something fun. Different activities are offered every week with a focus on sustainability. Recently we held a Creative Critter Competition where entrants used only recycled materials fastened together with Makedo screws or by fitting cardboard together carefully.  There was no glue, tape or stapling involved! 

CRE8 Lab – where creativity and innovation unite! 

Older students have their own program where they partake in more challenging craft and technology-based workshops for the first four weeks of each term.


Students can play games like Rocket League, Mario Kart or Just Dance at the bottom of the Reading Stair at lunchtime on Wednesdays. Potter Library has many large screens with docks that charge student devices while they are using them; many students use these to extend their spatial skills with Minecraft Education without draining their device battery.


Every Wednesday lunchtime, many students crochet squares for rugs as part of Mercy Action at the top of the Reading Stair.

Book Clubs and Writing Clubs 

These clubs meet in different terms, usually at lunchtime in The Forum in Potter Library. Students are advised of the times for these meetings by email and via Daily Notices. 

There is also a Year 5 and 6 Significant- Adult-and-Daughter Book Club that occurs once per term after school; parents are advised of the date by email. 

The Manga Club is invited to vote on new books for purchase, within the budgeted amount, usually once per term – all students are invited by email to participate. 

Students are welcome to request or recommend books for purchase at any time.

Drop-In Activities 

Numerous card games, board games, puzzles, giant games - chess, Jenga and Connect 4, plus Lego and a Stationery/Creative trolley, are available for students to use outside class time.

Library Lessons 

This term, in Library lessons, our Year 5 students have been looking at Non-Fiction books and how stories are written from different perspectives. Year 6s have been applying Literature Circle procedures in groups to their chosen novels. Literature Circle techniques are being introduced to the secondary school in 2024 as part of English studies. 

Next Term, Year 7s will use these approaches with their set novel, and Year 10s will use this approach in Term 3. Read more information about our Literature Circles Program at Empowering and Evolving Literature Circles (003).pdf


Our school-wide initiative, #AHStimes20, aims to encourage everyone to spend at least 20 minutes reading every day. For tips on how to do this, as well as all the latest library news, follow us on Instagram @ahsbrisbanelibrary 

Photo credit: scott burrow photography