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All Hallows' School's dedication to responsible GenAI use, coupled with our Teaching for Learning framework, creates a dynamic and future-focused learning environment. 

The School’s Dean of Teaching and Learning, Scott Adamson said the school adopted a measured and responsible approach to AI integration, understanding that fostering digital literacy, maintaining academic integrity, and critically verifying AI-generated information are paramount.

“Promoting these values, the school ensures that students continue to develop critical thinking and analytical skills while harnessing the advantages that AI offers.”

“All the while, we are centred in what makes teaching most effective – being human. To deepen the culture of teaching and learning that values and nurtures the interconnectedness of the personal and academic potential of each student is our ultimate goal,” Scott said.

Responsive Practice, one of the key pillars of the All Hallows’ School Teaching for Learning framework, is perhaps more relevant than ever in the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence, or GenAI. 

“Responsive Practice encourages educators to construct learning episodes that incorporate checks for understanding and to adjust teaching strategies based on evidence of learning. 

“With AI's ability to provide real-time insights into student performance, teachers are better equipped to tailor their instruction to meet individual needs,” explained Scott.

“As educators, we can use AI-powered tools to analyse student data, identify areas where students experience challenge or require further development, and offer tailored strategies and recommendations for improvement.“

Knowing students and using this knowledge to build student capacity comes under the All Hallows’ School Academic Care pillar of the framework. GenAI, such as found within Insights in our Teams environment, can play a complementary role here by providing educators with a deeper understanding of each student's approach to learning, their strengths and their weaknesses. 

“Knowing our students allows for more tailored guidance, greater engagement with constructive feedback, effective working with their peers, and making choices that align with their learning preferences,” said Scott.

All Hallows' School's commitment is to support students to be equipped with the skills they need to thrive in a world where technology and innovation are driving forces, yet their personal drive, ability to make connections and their growing social capabilities are equally valued. 

As we continue to harness the power of GenAI, we can look forward to nurturing a generation of students who are not just academically proficient but also well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the AI-powered world that awaits them.