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Over the Easter break, All Hallows' School students had the opportunity to participate in a series of immersive overseas trips designed to enhance their skills, provide cultural exposure, and create lasting memories. These excursions took them to various parts of the world, where they engaged in educational and recreational activities, furthering their learning outside the traditional classroom environment.

One of the notable trips was to Fiji, where two teams of AHSisters took part in the Petero Civoniceva Foundation Touch Football Festival. During their time in Fiji, the students participated in training clinics and friendly matches with local schools. This trip also included a visit to a local village, where they were welcomed into the community, learned about village life, participated in traditional ceremonies and dances, and contributed to environmental conservation by planting over 100 trees​​. 

Another group of students travelled to Japan for a cultural program, perfectly timed to coincide with the Sakura (cherry blossom) season. The students immersed themselves in Japanese culture by practicing their language skills, enjoying the local cuisine, and experiencing the efficiency of the Shinkansen (bullet train). Their itinerary included visits to iconic landmarks such as Miyajima Island, Hiroshima, and various picturesque temples and shrines, providing a comprehensive cultural experience​​.

Meanwhile, a different group of AHSisters participated in a USA Dance Tour in New York City. This tour included a visit to Radio City Music Hall, where the students took dance classes and learned about the importance of precision from a current Rockette. They also studied the Graham Technique, made famous by Martha Graham, and explored famous New York landmarks like Central Park, Broadway, and the Statue of Liberty​​.

These trips are a testament to All Hallows' School's commitment to providing its students with diverse learning experiences. By engaging in these international programs, students develop their academic and complementary curriculum skills and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and global perspectives. 

These opportunities contribute significantly to their personal growth and global awareness, preparing them for a future in an interconnected world​.

We invite you to watch an interview with Acting Head of Sport, Jacob Simmons-Bliss on the benefits of trips on both the students and the communities they visit. Please click here