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During Term 1, our Year 9 Food and Design Technology students worked through the "Problem-Solving Process" with a focus on Textiles Technologies. 

This project aimed to address a significant real-world issue, particularly relevant to Australians, who unfortunately lead global skin cancer rates.

Australia's high skin cancer statistics emphasise the need for effective sun protection measures. In response, students rose to the challenge, demonstrating their understanding of the importance of practical solutions. Their bucket hat designs offer coverage areas such as the face, head, ears, and neck from harmful UV radiation. By reducing UV exposure to the eyes by up to 50%, these designs contribute significantly to sun safety.

Furthermore, students skillfully combined functionality with contemporary fashion trends. As Vogue magazine acknowledges, bucket hats are making a comeback, offering a stylish yet practical addition to any ensemble. Our students' designs perfectly capture this trend, striking the ideal balance between practicality and style.

We commend our students for their dedication to addressing real-world concerns through innovative design solutions. Their efforts serve as a testament to their ingenuity and commitment to making a difference in their community.